Welcome to Avonova. We are a house concert venue in Oakland, California dedicated to making top quality live music available to listeners in an informal and comfortable setting. (Directions).  Feel free to poke around and learn more about what we do. For upcoming shows, have a look at the Calendar and Reservations.  If you are an artist seeking to play here, go to Booking.  To receive news of  upcoming shows, join our mailing list. We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.

We exist because there is an apparent need for what we provide. Artists and their audience have been to the clubs, halls, night-spots and theaters where the music has traditionally been presented as an entertainment commodity.  They come to Avonova for something a little different. It’s more casual here and artists are free to create, experiment, challenge each other, work out new repertoire and take risks, without commercial restrictions. Artists appreciate a rapt audience that listens to their music with no distractions, in an intimate and inspiring environment.

The audience is so a part of the performance that they literally interact with the music as it is being made. At intermission, listeners chat with the artists and buy CDs, meet other music fans over snacks and exchange their experiences and contact info. It is an opportunity for connectivity, where community is fostered and maintained.

This type of gathering is increasingly important in our day and age, when music is recorded and distributed in electronic formats that do not necessarily require the musicians to be in the same room at the time of recording, and when listeners often hear the music via ear buds, in solitary, as they perform other tasks. While electronic devices greatly increase access to recorded music, they are no substitute for the in-the-moment experience of live music. Our events aspire to recreate the type of environment where the music was invented in the first place – in people’s living rooms, front stoops and backyards. We hope you will join in the fun by attending an upcoming show.

The performance space is friendly to those with accessibility issues, though we are not technically “ADA compliant”. Note that not all patrons of our capacity can be seated at every show, but some of the best vantage points are for standees.  We encourage RSVPs.  We encourage the attendance of people of all ages. Special donation levels may be available for those under 12 and over 65. Plastic money is not accepted; some artists won’t accept checks. Some patrons bring a cushion to enhance the comfort of our basic wooden folding chairs. For those concerned with allergens, Avonova is a pet-free environment and we discourage the use of perfumes that some listeners might be sensitive to. Like at any other party, you are welcome to bring refreshments for your own enjoyment or to share. However, we always offer complimentary snacks and drinks.

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